Public Park Naming your thoughts

The Public Park is one the most valuable assets in our Town. For many years it has been used as a focal point for the community activities including the Town’s Gala Day celebrations and Football matches. Over the years we have had Tennis Courts, a bowling green, our own athletic club and weight training facilities. It has been used for public meetings during the miners strike and even housed many families during the housing stock renovation in the eighties.

Over the years though it sadly fell into disrepair and desperately needed increased maintenance and investment. None of which were forth coming until Fife Council agreed to fund monies due from the section 75 agreement when New Farm Vale was built.

Since then there have been a high level of intense regeneration of the park, development of plans which will support the longer term safe use of the park for all users.

Over the years it has been called Berry Plantations, the lower end was called King George V park when monies were made available to communities, although it has been known as the Public Park for over the last 100 years.

Fife Council Officers have now suggested that the name be changed to Lochgelly Public Park as this would ensure that visitors to the Town know what it is called. At the recent special meeting of the Community Council it was agreed that we should arrange a public consultation to ensure that your views are taken on board.


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