Public Park – Signage Poll

We have been monitoring the activities on the Public Park Poll and unfortunately a minority of users decided to try and manipulate the poll and has now managed to invalidate the results.

As of writing this article, the poll had received a total of 75 votes, even though the survey had only 45 unique visitors.

Sadly a very tiny minority has decided to repeatedly vote, which has skewed the results making them unreliable.

The positive outcome to all of this is that it has given us a chance to see how our polls can be abused and have now taken steps to remedy this to prevent further abuses on future polls.

Whilst this will reduce fraudulent votes greatly, there is always an margin of error, which is why we will continue to engage directly with residents and seek residential views from a variety of methods.

We apologise to all the users that have voted honestly and have re-implemented the poll with the new restrictions in place.


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