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Lochgelly Community Council has reported that AMEC Wind Developments are withdrawing their proposals for six wind turbines at Lochore Meadows.

Secretary of Lochgelly Community Council; George Elder states;

“At a meeting attended by Lochgelly, Lumphinnans, Cowdenbeath, Kelty & Benarty Community Councils held on Thursday 30th July at Lochore Country Park, AMEC Wind Development announced that they are “Withdrawing from the Development” and “will not be pursuing a planning application”

“This brings to an end Lochgelly Community Council’s public consultation on the existing proposal and we have now published the final results on our website”

The Lochgelly Community Council carried out an extensive public engagement process, which included door-to-door leafleting, pop-up stalls, and local display stands.

Chairperson, James Glen adds;

“Since the AMEC proposal was classed as a major development, with part of the development within the boundaries for the LCC, it was important to engage with residents, collect their views and opinions, so that the LCC can provide representation during the planning process.

The engagement process happened over a six week period, using a variety of methods, with Community Councillors volunteering to ensure that the engagement process was as inclusive as possible with the limited resources available to the LCC.”

With AMEC withdrawing their development proposal, the Lochgelly Community Council has released a final report on their consultation.

George further adds;

“Having been a Community Councillor for less than a year, the opportunity to engage and gather the views of Lochgelly Residents was one I relished, recognizing that the views of the people of Lochgelly is the basis of the stance of the Community Council is an important message, and was as important during the engagement process as the issue of the Wind Farm Development

That AMEC have decided to withdraw from this development shouldn’t take away from the fact that many Residents chose to provide their views, for that we are very grateful.

The Community Council are committed to maintain this level of engagement, there are many difficult issues ahead of us that will require the input of the people of the Town, the Community Council are looking forward to hearing resident views.”

The final report for the public consultation is available online at and will be made available at Lochgelly Library.

Notes to Editor:

Hilton Survey Results (Lochgelly): Final Report (PDF)

For additional comments please contact;

George Elder (Secretary) – Tel: 01592 782 657

James Glen (Chair) – Tel: 01592 782 150


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