What we did on our Holidays

Even with the Community Council on Summer Holiday this year, a remarkable amount of activities were done by a few Councillors, have a look for yourself :

1. Meeting with Fire Chief
a. Floral displays discussion at Lochgelly Fire Station with Fire Chief
2. Lochgelly Town Clock
a. Extended contact – no resolution and no response
3. War Memorial
a. Research via Scottish Lime Centre Trust Charlestown, Scottish Heritage, War Mem restoration, etc.
b. Meeting – Archie Page
c. War Memorial Lighting resolution
d. Review & documentation of War Memorial (photos)
e. War Memorial Committee meeting
f. Photography – damaged areas and current condition for cataloging
g. Weeding & clean up
h. Meeting – Archie Page
4. Street Walkabouts
a. General walkabouts, identifying areas for stalled spaces funding/improvement/repairs, etc.
b. Town Square sign, instigate removal now with FC Transportation
5. Communal Area (Spiritualist Church)
a. Engagement with SC and LoSW
b. Reported issues to FC and Cllr Chisholm for action
c. Issues currently resolved
6. Stephen Duffy
a. Walkabout with Parks, Christina Reid, Cllr Chisholm via LOSW regarding tree planting.
7. Laurie Piper
a. Centre clean-up/stalled spaces discussion.
8. Core paths
a. Walkabout/photography with aim of categorisation & documentation
9. Hilton Wind Farm
a. Leafleting
b. Pop-up Stalls
c. Summary Report preparation
10. Energy Saving light bulb distribution
a. Distribution on behalf of Scottish Power and Fife Council, and distributed via;
i. Benarty & C/Beath Food Bank
ii. Lumphinnans Gala Day
iii. Lochgelly Gala Day (via LCC stall)
iv. Pop-up stalls during Hilton consultation
v. Lumphinnans CC)(Delivered)
vi. Cowdenbeath CC (contacted)
vii. Kelty CC (delivered)
viii. Cardenden CC (delivered )
ix. Benarty CC (delivered )
x. Remainder to be distributed during pop-up stalls for COTY and YCOTY
11. Gala Day stall (leaflets including children’s panel and various charities)
12. Governance advice preparation
13. Lochgelly Community Action
14. Gala Committee meetings & on day help, Marshall, ground preparation
15. Young Citizen of the Year
a. Poster design & print
b. Distribution via primary schools

Unfortunately, certainly for me, this is will be my final post as a Community Councillor, certain issues have happened within the Community Council that I do not wish associated with, so with a heavy heart I have resigned.

I’d like to thank those who have visited and enjoyed this website, I am very proud how it has developed and shown Lochgelly in a positive light.

George Elder for Lochgelly.


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