This website was created from an archive of the original Lochgelly Community Council website which was hosted on a wordpress.com platform and is an unofficial public archive of data from the old website and an archive of new data produced by the Lochgelly Community Council. The site is maintained and updated by Loch of Shining Waters in line with our Social Objectives of openness, transparency and accountability of public representatives.


The original LCC website was due for a domain renewal in January (2016), and according to the January (2016) notes of meetings, the community council agreed to renew the domain name, keep the website active and expand on the available routes for online digital engagement:

Agreed to renew the website for now. Look at using FifeDirect and a facebook page (source: Jan 2016 Minutes)

Between the January and February meeting, the website had been removed without approval from the Lochgelly Community Council. The community councillor in charge of the website then claimed that they had inadvertently deleted the website:

SM advised that whilst attempting to upgrade the site details he had inadvertently deleted it. However, it hadn’t proven a useful communication tool as there were very few ‘hits’ on it. Agreed to look at setting up a facebook page instead. (Source: Feb 2016 Minutes)

Deleting a WordPress.com website accidentally is impossible (Official TutorialAdditional Tutorial) and website statistics from the Lochgelly Community Council Hilton Report show that the website was a useful engagement tool for residents and community councillors alike.

The website was restored by Lochgelly based community group: Loch of Shining Waters, who donated the server, domain name and technical expertise to restore the website.

The website was restored from an archive file that was created by using the software SiteSucker:

Loch of Shining Waters restored the archive and emailed nine community councillors and two local councillors informing them of the work that had been completed, with the offer to financially support the yearly running costs and training of community councillors. The chairman responded that they will provide an official response to the offer but to this date, the organisation has received no response.

Loch of Shining Waters issued a press release on the donation an received a response from the Chairperson stating:

Hi James, I will get back to you regards the 2 emails you have sent to me. Could I ask that if you want to contact me in future that you use my home email address. REDACTED Thanks Brian

As of 10th April 2016, there has been no formal direct response to Loch of Shining Waters.

Project Objectives

Loch of Shining Waters has adopted the following objectives whilst maintaining this site:

  1. Develop and maintain a public archive for all data and material that is related to Lochgelly Community Council. Obtain data through Lochgelly Community Council, Fife Council and any other third parties including Freedom of Information requests.
  2. Maintain a website that is easily accessible and easy to navigate for Desktop and Mobile users (OFCOM estimate that 56% of users access the internet via desktop devices and 44% access the internet via mobile computing devices such as mobile phones and tablets).
  3. Provide access to any Lochgelly community councillor(s) that wish to contribute to this public resource, including providing educational and training support to the community councillor(s) in managing/maintaining a WordPress site.

Loch of Shining Waters firmly believes that public data from public representatives should be made freely available online (and offline) and provided in a format that is easy to share with all interested parties to help improve engagement rates and increase public scrutiny and accountability of local representatives and representative groups.