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Last Updated: 24th June 2017
Update Type: Removed John King and added Craig Dempsey to list of community councillors

Community Council members can be elected, un-elected or co-opted onto Community Councils to represent the local community. The day-to-day business should centre around (but not limited to) seeking the views of residents, representing community views to other local representatives (councillors, local authority, government), consulting on planning applications, supporting groups in the local area, developing new projects, and much more. Activities are limited to the Community Council boundary of Lochgelly.

Community Councillors

IMPORTANT: We have sourced the information below from various online and offline resources. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and rely on reports from others. If data is incorrect, please contact the volunteers who are maintaining the public data archive for the Lochgelly Community Council.

Image Name Declaration of Interests*
Brian Schulz Brian Schulz
  • Trustee – 4 Winds Trust
  • Employee – Fife Council (undeclared)
  • Member – Labour Party (undeclared)
Carol Mackie Carol Mackie
None Declared
Stevie Murray Stevie Murray
  • Trustee – 4 Winds Trust
  • Employee – Fife Council (undeclared)
  • 2012 Election Agent – Labour Party (undeclared)
  • Member – Labour Party (undeclared)
George Kinnell George Kinnell
  • Board Member – Loch of Shining Waters
  • Board Member – Growing in Lochgelly
  • Board Member – Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights
  • Member – Scottish National Party
  • Partnership – Lochgelly Going Forward
David Hempseed David Hempseed
  • Mason – Masonic Lodge 385 (undeclared)
James Mann James Mann
  • Member – Labour Party (undeclared)
  • Online troll accounts (alleged):
Alex Dixon Alex Dixon
  • Member – Labour Party (undeclared)
  • Employee – Fife Resource Solutions (Fife Resource Solutions is a Limited Liability Partnership created by Fife Council to deliver services via an Arms Length Organisation) (undeclared)
Raymond Wilson Raymond Wilson
  • Mason – Masonic Lodge 385 (undeclared)
  • Board Member – Lochgelly Gala Committee
Billy Baxter Billy Baxter
  • Mason – Masonic Lodge 385 (undeclared)
Image Unavailable Craig Dempsey
  • None Declared
Thomas Durham Thomas Durham
  • Mason – Masonic Lodge 385 (undeclared)
  • Board Member – Lochgelly Community Development Forum
Image Unavailable Allan Gardiner None Declared
James Haddow James Haddow
  • Mason – Masonic Lodge 385 (undeclared)
Jean MacDonald Jean MacDonald
  • Member – Labour Party (undeclared)

* 1. Whether before or during any meeting of a Community Council a member of that Council becomes aware that he/she or any person connected with him/her has an interest in or relating to any matter to be or being considered he/she shall declare such interest. A member who declares a financial interest, or a non-financial interest which he/she considers would cause a member of the public, knowing all the relevant facts and acting reasonably, to form the view that he or she might be influenced by that interest shall withdraw from the meeting during such consideration and shall not speak or vote on any question relating to the matter. Such declarations of interest shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.


14 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    5 community councillors in Minto Lodge sashes and the Minto Lodge is where the community council has its meetings. Looks like a Masonic closed shop to me, and even if it’s not, Lochgelly Community Council is clearly not interested in encouraging as wide and diverse a participation – either as audience or members – as it can or else it would be sensitive to the strong anti-Masonic feeling in the town. and not parade its Masonic credentials.

  2. AnonOps says:

    Carol Mackie is Labour and stays down the road from Stevie

  3. AnonOps says:

    Are you no listing the affiliations to the Masons?

  4. AnonMe aka Carol Mackie says:

    AnonOps why the Anon tag why not give your name ? My political persuasion has never been discussed at any CC meeting EVER. I wouldn’t mind knowing who the source of your info is though lol. I not only live in the same street as Stevie as you pointed out I also live in the same house that Stevie and his parents used to live. What an absolute and utter outrage eh !

    • LCC site admin says:

      No political affiliation has been listed with your profile as the data provided in the comments could not be verified. As per the policy for this site we can remove inaccurate comments. Please respond in the comments below if the party allegation is wrong or send me an email

  5. Paul mcgowan says:

    What the public demand is knowing if these people hold a recent fishing permit?! Its outrageous to think we may have closet fisher people hiding in dark moonlight cliches conspiring against us……. You want conspiracies, you better not go looking for me on google then ROFLMAO

  6. Paul McGowan says:

    So the Anonops deleted my reply to their nonsense (and will probably delete this as well). Must be great to hide behind a website admin address? Woe betide any candidate that’s a member of a fishing club, that’s all I can say!

    • LCC site admin says:

      Your comments haven’t been deleted. The site isn’t monitored actively by volunteers so any comments, updates, etc. are approved during routine maintenance which occurs around 1-2 times a month. All admin accounts for this site is clearly marked as a site admin and it is our policy not too delete or remove comments.

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