Community Liaison Forum (Little Raith)

Last Updated: 3rd November 2016

The Little Raith Community Liaison Forum is in place to discuss and raise issues surrounding the operations of Kennedy Renewables at the Little Raith power plant.

LCC Representative(s)
  • Stevie Murray
  • Brian Schulz

Minutes of Meetings

Date Documents
July 2015 CLF Minutes July 2014

Additional Documents

The documents below have either been sourced from Lochgelly Community Council, Fife Council, Kennedy Renewables, Loch of Shining Waters or obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests via

Document Source Document Name Document Type
Scottish Government Scottish Reporter – Appeal Decision Notice (Refused) – PPA-250-2212 – Erection of six wind turbines with a maximum blade tip height of 126.5 metres and associated infrastructure Download PDF
Loch of Shining Waters Objection – 14/02444/EIA Download PDF
Loch of Shining Waters Supplementary Objection – 14/02444/EIA Download PDF
Loch of Shining Waters Statement of Appeal Response – 14/02444/EIA Download PDF
Fife Council Committee Report – 04/04266/WEIA Download PDF
FOI Response SEPA – Response to MSP Willie Rennie – September 2012 Download PDF
SEPA Indoor Assessment of Environmental Noise at South Street, Lochgelly. From 15th August 2014 to 5th September 2014 – Redacted Version Download PDF
Kennedy Renewables Canvassing Report – 8th october 2014 Download PDF – Canvassing Report
Fichtner Engineering Kennedy Renewables LTD, Little Raith Wind Farm, Air Quality Impacts Download PDF
Kennedy Renewables Interim Benzene Monitoring Report – May 2013 Download PDF
National Physical Laboratory – Kennedy Renewables Ambient Atmospheric Survey around the vicinity of Little Raith Farm – May 2013 Download PDF


Organisation Contact Details
Kennedy Renewables Jonny Kennedy

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