Health Centre campaign

Last Updated: 31st March 2016

The current health centre is over thirty years old and is past its sell by date. When the Health Centre was built, we didn’t have the same level of population that we have now with the development of the Beeches and New Farm Vale housing schemes. The practice wasn’t expected to provide health cover for areas outwith the town. It is evident as soon as you enter the property that it isn’t suitable for the volume of people who are using it.

The Lochgelly Community Council area has a higher level of people with more than one significant illness in comparison with Fife and Scotland, a higher level of prescribed medication for mental health than Fife and Scotland and is an area of multi-deprivation. The statistics available show that the Town needs a Health Centre that is able to support the people of the town and able to provide the focused services needed in the area.

What the Community Council are calling for

  1. The immediate acceleration of the business case for a new health centre
  2. the designs to include a new centre with facilities to support the widening range of health and social problems
  3. acceleration of plans for he new build, supported by sufficient funding.

The Community Council know that we need one now , the people of Lochgelly know that we need one now, the local politicians know that we need one now and the practitioners know that we need one now!


The documents below have either been sourced from Lochgelly Community Council, Fife Council, Loch of Shining Waters or obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests via

Document Source Document Name Document Type
Councillor Mark Hood Mark Hood – Press Release – Councillor Welcomes progress on New Health Centre – 9th June 2015 Download PDF
Councillor Ian Chisholm Note for Lochgelly Community Council meeting regarding status of funding for Health Centre (please note that this content was removed from the official Facebook page by an unknown Community Councillor and later re-added to the page in a seperate thread from the Health Campaign discussion Currently unavailable
Labour Party Emails between Labour councillor and MSP directing Health Centre campaign via Labour activists serving on LCC Download PDF

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