Hilton Wind Farm (CC Engagement)

Hilton Survey Results (Lochgelly): Final Report (PDF)

Hilton Wind – CC Engagement

AMEC Wind Developments are proposing shared ownership of 1/6th of a virtual turbine for communities that wish to invest in the Hilton Wind Farm. Currently the following Community Councils are holding discussions around the ownership offer;

  • Lochgelly Community Council
  • Lumphinnans Community Council
  • Cowdenbeath Community Council
  • Kelty Community Council
  • Benarty Community Council

Discussions being held are only for further information regarding the ownership proposals. Discussions regarding support or objections to the development are out with the criteria of the group.

Please note that Lochgelly Community Council neither supports or objects to the development. The response of the LCC to the development will be formed through public consultation and surveys. Please visit our Hilton Wind Farm survey page to give your feedback and learn more about the proposals.

LCC Representative(s) Declaration of Interests
George Elder
James Glen James Glen is involved in Loch of Shining Waters who are campaigning against the development. James will not be voting at the Lochgelly Community Council on issues surrounding the Hilton Wind Farm proposal

Minutes & Documents

The minutes below are informal notes taken by the Lochgelly Community Council. These are not official minutes and should not be treated as such. The purpose of the notes is to provide Lochgelly residents with documents on how these meetings are progressing for openness and transparency.

Date Documents
21st April 2015 currently unavailable
2nd June 2015 currently unavailable
25th June 2015 currently unavailable

Connected Pages

The public consultation has ended and AMEC have currently withdrawn their proposal.

Hilton Survey Results (Lochgelly): Final Report (PDF)


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