Public Notice Boards (Proposed)

Proposed by: George Elder
Seconded By: Discussions still to be held with Community Councillors


To put in place a series of public noticeboards in the central area of Lochgelly and scattered throughout the town to help improve engagement rates with the Lochgelly Community Council, as well as increase awareness of the work conducted by the Lochgelly Community Council. Noticeboards will also be able to be utilised by local groups, and will serve as a shared resource between groups and the local community.

Proposed Locations

A map of the proposed locations will be produced shortly, however this will be best represented with the views of Lochgelly Residents,if you have a suggested location, please use the contact page below.


Costings for the project will be provided shortly. The main costs will be in 3 categories, planning applications, equipment purchase and installation. A breakdown of the costs and the funding avenues will be published soon.

Community Feedback

Do you think Lochgelly needs more Public Notice boards? please leave a comment below.


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